New equipment arriving

After many months in production.

Our new shear from Revolution Machine Tools (RMT) has arrived.

I would like to thank everyone involved from the trucking company and Sullivan Industrial Services for unloading and placing our new shear in the building. Great job guys!

John S. the tech from RMT was on hand from the unloading to as soon as it hit the ground he was setting it up and training Kevin and Tyler. A great job from Kevin and Tyler for being the sponges they are and absorbing all the knowledge John S. was providing.

Another shout out to our favorite electricians McGill Electric for being on hand to take care of our electrical needs.

All in all a small window to get done everything from start to finish in one day.

Thanks again everyone,

John T and the APG staff

Designed and made in house:

As of most things in life, you like that custom fit.

Taking that idea you had and make it reality.

That is part of the staple here at APG.

So when it came to our old and boring conference table,

we knew it needed to be changed. It didn’t have that APG swagger to it.

The guys in welding did a great job, the paint was done to look industrial.

And yes that is one piece of 3/4″ tempered glass 15 feet long.

It was no easy task getting that into the conference room.

It took 14 guys to carry and set that glass into position on top.

Just a typical day here at APG!

2020 Look back

We here at APG have not had a moments rest in 2020. Even with the Covid 19 virus hanging over us.

While many stayed home during Covid we put on our masks everyday and leaned forward.

APG met it’s deadlines on projects and did not hesitate on helping out those businesses that needed us.

APG made dividers for medical buildings, restaurants, shields for small businesses that were fighting to stay open during Covid.

APG was there…on the line…not missing a beat.

Here at APG we are looking forward to 2021.

Time to get with family and friends and enjoy!


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