On the Jobsite

APG crews are hard at work down at Mystic Medical Office Building

Looking good Jon, Sean, Tom, Joe, Darrell, Drew, Tyler, Juan

APG crews are hard at work down at Bergami

It’s coming along beautifully there Travis, Craig, K-Rod, Jon, Chris, Jeff, Mark, Mike

Buckler and crew hard at work at Mystic

CHC Middletown is complete and looks AWESOME.

Great job by Paul C., Jay C., Shaun J., Matt J., and crew

Another Great job by Mike H. (Big M) on the sunshades and interior TGP

Shop improvements

In our continuing drive to improve our great home base.

We are paving our parking lot. This is the first phase, the final coat will be applied in the spring of 2020

Looking AWESOME!!! can’t wait for the new signs to go up.

And YES that is our very own Gary Rooke on the roof overseeing the progress.

Meet our Team

Our field and shop guys here at APG have been given some nick names over the years. All Purpose Guys has to be the one that fits the best. Because everyone here comes from a different background. Whether you did fencing, insulation, carpentry, or for a few that were actually, raised in a glazing family. They bring that knowledge and creativity to the table every day. They just don’t connect the dots they create the dots! They spend a lot of time together at work and out of work. They are a family. They are a “Family of Fabricators”


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