2019 Softball League

Well that long awaited time has come .

Yes folks it’s Softball Season.

After a long off season the boys are back.

Some great defence in the first game from Travis at short and Sean out in left field.

We are still searching for that pitcher/ no not the one with the beer in it Jim.

After the first game didn’t go as planned Matt G. has got the boys back in shape.

They’ve worked there way up to 16oz. curls.

Ready for the second game of the season.


Game 2

Game 2

Is in the books.

We are in deep need of a pitcher. May have to go down to the minor leagues.

Is the Wild Thing available?

We may of lost the second game but the guys improved they just played a strong team.

The infield is starting to gel and bats are getting hot.

Don’t give up it’s early and we have a young team.

First it was NO beer on the bench, then NO metal cleats ….The next thing you know we won’t be able to barbecue in the outfield anymore.

Game #3

May the 3rd game rest in peace.

We won’t talk about that game.

No evidence no photos

Game #4

Well the boys brought in some help this week.

Jaysen C. at pitching and Garrett R. at 3rd base

along with a few others.

The bats were hot with 5 runs in the first inning and remained hot for the better part of the game.

Jeremy R. with a triple outstanding

Some great defensive plays by Tyler C., Travis S., Sean W. just to name a few.

Eric B.with a diving catch at the end of the game to seal it up.


Game #5


Community field


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