Behavioral Health


·         1600 UT Curtain Wall 2-1/2”x6” Sys W/ Charcoal Finish

·         451T CG/SS/OG StoreFront Sys W/ Charcoal Finish

o    500 Wide Stile Doors

·         601T Store Front Sys w/ Charcoal Finish

·         Psychiatric Window Vents

·         4mm Composite ACM Panels for Siding/Canopy/Columns w/ Basalt Gray Finish

·         Roof screens to conceal mechanical equipment

·         Interior Glazing

o    9/16” Laminated Glass Pass thru Transaction windows (12)

o    CRL transaction sliders clear anodized finish (5)

o    Interior butt-glazed glass with polished edges at nurses’ stations

o    Privacy film with a GS2000 digital print FAUX ETCH


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